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Service Description: (SDO use) County of San Diego Office of Emergency Services feature service

Service ItemId: 7fa0d6c58bc144f1a53db6be2fd16cee

Has Versioned Data: false

Max Record Count: 1000

Supported query Formats: JSON

Supports applyEdits with GlobalIds: False

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Description: Fire, evacuation, and other hazard boundaries are approximate and can change rapidly. This map is based on official mapping sources that show rough footprints of active emergencies and emergency notification areas from responding agencies that may take several hours to produce. Zooming into specific locations may produce misleading information. Please monitor official County of San Diego updates at or call 2-1-1 for specific emergency information such as road closures and evacuations.

Copyright Text: County of San Diego Land Use and Environment Group GIS

Spatial Reference: 102646

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Units: esriFeet

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